About Us

Triskeles offers experiential programs for youth that give them tools, knowledge and encouragement to live their lives in ways that reflect sustainability at many levels.

Our Mission

We strive to develop with youth and their communities the capacity to co-create a conscious and sustainable world.

Our Vision 

The future Triskeles envisions motivates us to work actively with others locally, regionally and nationally to ensure the long-term ability for all human beings to co-exist peacefully and with sufficient means while caring for the earth and its varied resources.

Our Values

Consciousness – As individuals, we must cultivate wellness of body and spirit.

Collaboration — As community members, we must practice collaboration.

Sustainability – We must be mindful and exercise stewardship of resources at all levels.

Creativity – We seek to discover new and innovative approaches and solutions to challenges.

Our Impact

Number of Current Volunteers

Fresh Produce Donated (Tons)

Interns Placed since 2006

Youth and Children Served since 2003

Our Story

Triskeles Foundation was launched in 2002/03, and youth programming was one part of the larger organization that also provided philanthropic services and donor-advised funds. In 2004, the youth programs began to take shape. Youth programming expanded so significantly that in 2009 Triskeles Foundation split into two separate 501(c) (3) organizations: Triskeles Foundation and Triskeles, Inc.

Triskeles programs develop skills for learning, career and job skills, healthy lifestyles, and social responsibility. They are designed to build a community of responsible citizens creating sustainable lifestyles for themselves and their community. Triskeles facilitates and encourages youth to participate in their own self development and to find sustainable solutions to today’s problems.

Our approach is characterized by a few key qualities:

  •  Holistic: Triskeles’ experiential education teaches to the whole child, engaging the head, the heart, and the hand for true, long-term impact.
  • Integrative: Triskeles programs work at the intersection of health, poverty, youth development and economic opportunity with programming based on understanding the interdependence of these social factors.
  • Linked to the real world: Triskeles teaches through experience, providing opportunities in real world settings and in real-life situations.
  • Affords long exposure to values: Triskeles’ programs include youth from first through twelfth grade; returning each year to a Triskeles program provides long-term exposure to the values of sustainability, self-reliance, and collaboration.



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