Triskeles offers summer and year-round programs for students in kindergarten through high school.


Triskeles Foundation was launched in 2002, and youth programming was one part of the larger organization that also provided philanthropic services and donor-advised funds. In 2004, the youth programs began to take shape. Since that time, we are proud to share these highlights:

  • Triskeles placed a large number of students from local high schools in internships as part of the Youth Experiential Learning Program
  • The Food for Thought program began as a monthly activity in partnership with Temple University's Youth Voices program
  • Side by Side, a local youth-mentoring-children initiative, was fiscally sponsored by Triskeles—later becoming an official program
  • In 2007, we recognized the greater impact possible with more concentrated sessions and moved Food for Thought out to Chester County, supported by an experienced social services coordinator at a local housing development who shares our vision, where it grew to a full five week summer program.
  • In 2011, we opened a satellite of Food For Thought in Coatesville, PA.
  • Green Internships were added to provide activities for youth during the school year.
  • Side by Side grew to include a 2-week summer program, Camp Jump Start, first sponsored by the Phoenixville Area School District.
  • Our New York City Sustainable Directions Internships gained its own regional program director and grew to provide over 30 youth with green summer jobs each summer.
  • In 2010, we began supporting Waldorf Schools with career elective internships for twelfth graders and weeklong artisan internship placements for tenth graders.

Youth programming expanded so significantly that in 2009 Triskeles Foundation split into two separate 501(c) (3) organizations: Triskeles Foundation and Triskeles.Triskelesoffers programs for children and teens that develop leadership, career and job skills, healthy lifestyles and social responsibility. We facilitate and encourage youth to participate in their own destinies and to find sustainable solutions to today's problems by giving them:

  • Meaningful real world experiences with individuals and organizations working in positive directions
  • Training and coaching in a range of essential skills and concepts necessary to being a leader
  • Big picture understanding of what makes for a sustainable world
  • Partnerships and networks of like-minded people
  • Encouragement to be change agents and live a healthy lifestyle.

We're proud of our growth and accomplishments but are not resting on them. As we've evolved and grown, we look for what works best and are always trying to improve. Our many friends and partners are a large part of the reason for our successes, and we are grateful to them all.