Triskeles offers summer and year-round programs for students in kindergarten through high school.


None of us know the full impact of our actions and deeds, but it is worthwhile to measure those things which one can measure and listen to what others reflect back to us. Triskeles uses quantitative and qualitative measures to gauge the impact of our programs, and some excerpts from these are below

Some things we can count —

  • In our 2012 summer Food for Thought programs, 55 youth spent over 6200 youth/hours engaged in organic gardening, cooking and nutrition, and entrepreneurship and 14 staff put in over 2000 hours helping youth achieve their goals.
  • 245 volunteer hours supported staff during this five-week program. 80% of Food for Thought/Green Internship participants reported eating more vegetables, fruits and whole grains—and eating less sugar and soda as a result of our program.
  • In our New York City Sustainable Directions Internship (SDI) program, 97% of the participants are minority students and 48% have a first language other than English. Youth put in 4500 hours on internship sites, and mentors and other volunteers put in over 3000 hours making sure the experiences were meaningful.
  • Sustainable Directions interns gave the program an average of 3.5 (out of 4) in improving their communication and time management skills, as well as increasing their understanding of sustainable businesses.
  • Over 70 youth helped install nearly 70 garden beds as part of our Food for All program. These beds have already produced nearly 1200 lbs. of fresh food for local food pantries.

And some things Food For Thought partners have said —
Triskeles continues to impress me with the awesome work you are doing here in Chester County; you should be very proud.  Thank you for all your work for the youth of Chester County.

~Laura Markley, Chester County Dept. of Community Development.

The staff, board, and volunteers at the Point are extraordinarily grateful to have the opportunity to partner with Triskeles to offer innovative programs to a demographic that is often overlooked.  We are committed to sustain this partnership for as long as Triskeles is able to and willing to work with the low-income community in western Chester County.

~Dwayne Walton, Executive Director of The Point

The true meaning of life
is to plant trees, under whose shade
you do not expect to sit

– Nelson Henderson