Triskeles offers summer and year-round programs for students in kindergarten through high school.

Values and Mission

Mission: To develop with youth the capacity to co-create a conscious and sustainable world.

The values inherent in our mission are consciousness, sustainability and creativity:

Consciousness – We believe that the world evolves in purposeful ways. We are all responsible to nurture and develop ourselves and the world around us in a way that aligns our practices with that purpose. To do that, at the individual level, we must cultivate wellness of body and spirit. At the community level, we must practice cooperation and collaboration.

Sustainability – We believe that to be effective we must be mindful and exercise stewardship of resources at all levels.

Creativity – We recognize that the rapid pace at which the world is changing demands new and innovative approaches to challenges. We strive to be flexible and creative to discover achievable solutions.

Our three year vision is to be an experiential non-profit that is nationally recognized for engaging youth from diverse backgrounds to develop life and employment skills in the areas of healthy living, sustainable agriculture, food security, eco-literacy, community engagement and social entrepreneurship enabling them to make positive life choices and promote social change in their communities.

The future belongs to those who give
the next generation reason for hope.

-Pierre Teilhard de Chardin (1881-1955)