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Triskeles’ programming for children is based upon a developmental model that enables us to serve children from first through twelfth grade.  In the early years, we cultivate a connection to nature, encourage the curiosity and creativity that is so important to learning, and we introduce the importance of making healthy choices.  We believe that if concepts are brought clearly and purposefully through real-life experience, children will gain the awareness they need to develop healthy habits as youth and adults, and slowly, but most surely, it will be these young ones who will eventually have the skills to move the world further in positive directions. 


JUMP START – Summer Literacy and Healthy Life Skill Development for Young Children to “Jump Start” Learning and Prepare Them for Academic Success (Grades 1-2) Jump Start is a two-week summer experience. Teens mentor young children entering first and second grade through two weeks of healthy outdoor and indoor learning activities. The hands on experiences of nature, local farms, the storytelling and crafts “jump starts” youngsters’ background knowledge, which supports them academically, develops social skills, fosters a connection to the natural world and can lead to a life-long love of learning.


SIDE-BY-SIDE  – Seasonal Activities for Youngsters That Build Skills and a Connection to the Natural World (grades 1-3)

Side by Side activity days take place on a number of Saturdays during the school year and support learning by building social and academic skills and stimulating curiosity.  Supervised and led by the adult instructor, each child has a teen mentor, and together they participate in activities that may include cider pressing, cooking and baking, sewing, seasonal crafts, garden activities and regular visits to the animals at the adjacent biodynamic farm and dairy. Storytelling, drama, book-making, singing, creative projects and poetry round out the day.


NEXT STEPS – Environmental Education Provides Interactive Learning about Seasonal Topics (grades 4-6)

Next Steps is for youth in grades 4th – 6th, and the focus is environmental education. With an emphasis on interactive learning, Next Steps teaches a variety of topics such as why leaves change colors; plant and animals adaptations; why squirrels cache food; how many deer a habitat can support; and a stream survey of invertebrate life. In addition, the youth hear stories and make crafts that they get to take home. Youngsters learn about nature’s interconnections, work on some service projects, and learn to make healthy food and snacks.  Next Steps is offered on Saturdays during the school year.

Our Children’s Programs:

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