What’s the next step for youth who are too old for the Side By Side program?  Why–Side By Side Next Steps, of course. And so, on Saturday, October 23rd, 13 Side By Side ‘graduates’ joined Triskeles staff and six teen mentors for a day of baking and environmental activities.

Ginger snaps were the order of the day, and Ms. Rachel, from our summer program, led the group through the process of measuring, mixing, adding the liquid ingredients to the dry, and baking these tasty treats. After everyone had a chance to bake, we ate lunch, heard a story about a man who planted a forest of trees, and then headed out onto the beautiful trail behind Kimberton Waldorf School to identify and name a variety of trees by their leaves and bark.  Sweet gum? Check  Tulip tree? Check.  Magnolia? Yep.  Sycamore (Mr. Mark’s favorite)? Yes.

We collected a sample of leaves to take home, played a bit, and then joined the other group for cider, applesauce –and ginger snaps.