On Saturday, December 11th, 68 youth took part in the Side by Side and Next Steps programs, held at two locations at the Kimberton Waldorf School site. This was a busy day, with lots of different activities for the (younger) Side by Side youth and their teen mentors.

The Next Steps youth and teens focused on bird identification of four common feeder birds from this region; drawing cardinals and blue jays, and discussing their habits and appearance. The black-capped chickadee and the nuthatch also made an appearance!

Then we built feeders for the young ones to take home with them and start their own feeding stations. Pine cones with a suet/seed mixture came first, then log feeders with a peanut butter/seed mix. All went home in paper bags for the Next Steppers to put out in their back yards to attract Mr. Cardinal and friends!  Cranberry/raisin/popcorn strings rounded out the feeder supplies.

Hot chocolate, healthy snacks, and some outside activities filled out this busy day for Next Steps.

Pictures can be seen by clicking on the photo below :

Next Steps-Making bird feeders and learning bird identification