Community Programs

Engagement in community lies at the heart of our mission and vision; we offer programming to support communities facing serious social problems.  Not only do we help the youth in challenged communities to serve their communities actively, Triskeles creates partnerships and facilitates collaborations that have the momentum and energy to shift the balance in socio-economically challenged communities toward food justice and food security.

FOOD FOR ALL - Garden program for organizations to build community and increase access to fresh, healthy food

The Food For All program creates opportunities for corporations, universities, faith communities and private and civic organizations to provide outreach and impact in their local communities through raised bed gardens.  Triskeles staff provide an organized and full service stewardship plan for the garden and education for all volunteers. Triskeles builds the garden beds, brings in the soil and arranges for all the seeds and plants.  Growing partners must commit to donating a significant percentage of the food grown to people in need through food pantries and food assistance programs. Our agricultural consultants provide on-site training to each site and supports the group/company that is stewarding each garden to maximize productivity.  Triskeles also facilitates the relationships between local food pantries to establish a planned and coordinated flow of produce to those in need. The growing season provides weekly gardening pleasures for volunteers as it galvanizes community activity, raises community awareness and understanding of local poverty issues and provides an opportunity for real and significant positive impact.

DAYS OF SERVICE  – Opportunities for corporations to fulfill their social responsibility commitment Many businesses and corporations find that volunteering with Triskeles programs fulfills their commitment to social responsibility.  From working with youth to working in gardens to fundraising projects, we offer many opportunities for companies to support their employees’ efforts to give back to the community in meaningful ways.

Food For All Instructional Videos

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Food For All Weekly Reporting Form

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