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YOUTH – We prepare diverse groups of youth for success by teaching them healthy living skills, the value of work, leadership and team work , sustainable agriculture, youth philanthropy, social entrepreneurship, social justice, green business practices, community and civic engagement.

CHILDREN - Our programming for children cultivates a connection to nature, encourages curiosity and creativity and introduces the importance of making healthy choices.

COMMUNITY - Community engagement is at the heart of Triskeles’ mission. We create partnerships and collaborations that shift the balance in socio-economically challenged communities toward food justice and food security.

Donate to Youth - General Support

I want to support all your Green Youth Programs — please use where most needed. 

Donate to Youth - Food For Thought

I want to support Philadelphia area Green Summer Jobs & Youth Entrepreneurship summer programs  

Donate to Youth - Green Career Pathways

I want to support the Green Career Pathways program.  

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Donate to Community - Food-For-All

I want to support developing Chester County PA Community Organic Gardens & Food for Needy.

Donate to Children - Side-By-Side

I want to support Children Wellness programs & Eco-Literacy for Children. 

Donate to Children - Next-Steps

I want to support “Next Steps” - Children Wellness programs & Eco-Literacy for Children. 

Donate to Children - Camp Jump Start

I want to support Camp Jump Start , a  Children Wellness program.