The garden at the Potter Building senior center is on its way again, thanks to a collaboration between seniors from Eagleview and some strong, hard-working youth from Coatesville, Triskeles, and a couple of great volunteers: Pandu Rao, Louise Smith, and Master Gardener Peg Huebner.

We worked on April 29th to add mushroom compost to many beds, plant broccoli, lettuce, radishes, etc

On May 4 we came back to finish the beds, add more compost, and bring the worms!  Not only for the beds, but to establish a worm composting bin at the site so seniors can recycle kitchen waste right there.

All ages from teens to 90++ seniors worked together to make this a fun and productive day. This should be a good year in the garden. Collaboration Can Be Fun!

Pictures below: (click on it to see more)

Eagleview Seniors and Coatesville Juniors