Greetings Gardeners:

Today we will talk about Pest Deterrent measures that you can employ in your gardens.

groundhogintrap       groundhog      deerfence
Humane Groundhog Trap                                           Groundhog                                                               Deer Fence

There are different kinds of pests, from insects to birds to mammals. Each group needs its own solution. The most common mammal pests are the groundhog and the deer. The only way to effectively keep them out of your garden, if you happen to be in a high traffic zone, would be to erect a 6’ tall sturdy deer fence with added groundhog protection; an additional more tightly woven wire mesh that is buried into the ground and reaches 2’ up against the deer fence. For groundhogs you can also put out humane traps baited with peanut butter and think about where you will deliver the groundhog once it is caught. Products such as deer guard or any other garlic-based sprays lose their effectiveness after the first rain. Myths like human hair or leftover hotel soaps, etc. are just that-myths, they don’t work. Urinating around your garden may in fact be the most effective measure from nature’s pharmacy.


Geese can be a real problem and you may try to install an inflatable balloon with the countenance of a bird of prey. This reminds me of an episode during my apprenticeship years when we had a self firing repellent cannon that was supposed to scare the birds away. Every time I tried to set the spring-loaded mechanism it would blow up in my face; those things are a bit scary.


squashvineborer squashvinedamage

Striped Cucumber Beetle                                                                                                                                                                          Damage From Striped Cucumber Beetle

cabbagemothdamage damagecabbagemoth

Cabbage Moth                                                                                                                                                                                                Damage from Cabbage Moth

Insect pests can be controlled by resorting to the usual remedies of biodegradable botanical insecticides such as BT for cabbage moth, Pyrethrum for the striped cucumber beetle, flea beetle on brassica plants (cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, arugula, etc.). You should know that Pyrethrum has a fairly broad spectrum and kills not only the target pest, but most likely certain beneficial insects as well. Pest insects usually occur only when the conditions for the crops are suboptimal. Pest insects will detect incomplete protein structures in the plant tissue. In other words, crops that are well nourished and well watered usually do not get a lot of insect problems. When plants have a rough start, they tend to be somewhat stunted and more likely to be visited by pest insects.

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Geese and Bird Protection




2 of Durvet Pemethrin 10%

To Treat Squash Borer



2 of Bonide 688 Ready-to-Use 3 in 1 Pyrethrin Insect Repellent, Quart

To Treat Striped Cucumber Beetle



Southern Ag Dipel Dust Biological Insecticide, 4 Pound Bag

To Treat Cabbage Moth