All garden beds must be nicely dug over using either spade or round pointed shovel.  Give the garden beds a nice skim plowing, digging into at least the first five inches, and flipping the soil over.  Remove any weeds while you are digging.  Shake off the soil from the roots and leave the soil in the garden beds, removing the actual weeds.

If  you have peas planted be sure not to dig too close to those rows within those beds.

Chop up the larger soil clumps into fine crumbs, incorporating some compost into the top two inches if you have it on hand.  If you do not have compost, I will bring some organic fertilizer to rake into the top of the beds.  Make sure your garden beds are nicely filled with soil-they can be mounded up a bit-and if necessary, you may need to add some garden soil. This should be 70/30 mix.

Make sure your outside water is turned on, and have hoses and shower heads ready to water the newly sown seeds. Remember to check your deer and groundhog fences for holes.

I will provide trellising material for the pea plants (if they were planted at your site) when I come to plant the spring garden.

Please contact Lauren Blood (  if you have any questions or concerns.

See you soon!

Sebastian Kretschmer