During this transition time, when spring crops are on their way out and summer crops have established, make sure that your last beet roots will be harvested by July 10 or and your cabbages should all be harvested by now or no later than the last day of June. If you have carrots they may still take until July 15.


Kale, chard and collards will keep going until Christmas if you look after them. Chard will enjoy the summer months and will continue happily, whereas kale and collards do not like the summer very much and you will have to pamper them a bit in order for them to stay alive in a wholesome manner. You will find continued attacks by the cabbage moth which you should treat with BT every two weeks. Japanese beetles which are very hard to control; hand picking Japanese Beetles will be your only choice of managing those populations. The Japanese Beetle will also visit your basil plants. The Japanese Beetle is recognized by its shiny colorful coat. The beetle is about ¼ inch in size.


Keep cultivating your soil because that will make your summer crops grow faster. Remember it is the air that is needed in organic soils to help mineralize the organic matter.


Your sprinkler systems will soon have a hard time shooting water droplets past the growing tomato plants if you have garden beds behind the tall towering plants. In this case, you may need to supplement water by hand in those areas.


The tomato shooting techniques are found on You Tube at


Call or email with any questions and enjoy the bountiful harvest.

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