Food For Thought (FFT)


Our Food For Thought program actively engages teens ages 13-18 in hands-on experiences involving organic farming, nutrition and cooking skills, and job readiness and business skills.  It is an integrative “earn while you learn” program for teens as they transition to adulthood, with a focus on making healthy choices for living a healthier life and getting ready for the world of work. Three mornings each week, youth work on local, organic farms and continue, after a healthy lunch, in either Cooking and Nutrition or Job readiness and financial literacy classes; they end the day with team building and electives in topics focused on healthy foods, healthy living, or sustainability. One day per week is dedicated to field trips, community service and youth philanthropy activities.  Teens receive an educational stipend for their participation and receive three-level certification in a variety of areas based on their learned competencies. Food for Thought engenders lifelong, healthy food habits and cultivates the value of and skills related to real-world, hard work and the ideal of community service.  Youth spend five weeks being physically active, eating healthy meals and setting and reaching goals.  They will know how to garden, cook, choose healthy foods and be ready to work, to lead, and to contribute to their community.

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