It is hard to believe Week Two has come to an end. With the Fourth of July holiday around the corner, the teens have worked hard to deserve a fun-filled weekend with family and friends. While there were no fireworks on the farms, there were explosions of flavor this week in the meals.

Day 4 Breakfast-Homemade Pancakes with Organic Maple Syrup
Day 4 Snack- Oatmeal Cookies & Watermelon

Day 4 Lunch- Cauliflower Cheese Pie with Grated Potato Crust, Broccoli Salad, Zucchini Brownies, Coleslaw, Fresh Garden and Fresh, Homemade Honey Wheat Bread

Broccoli Salad

Broccoli Salad

Day 5 Breakfast- Homemade Granola with Organic Maple Syrup from Seven Stars Farm

Day 5 Snack- Banana Cake with Watermelon

Day 5 Lunch- Vegetable & Rice Stuffed Zucchini, Sweet ‘n’ Sour Green Bean Salad, Apple & Strawberry Crisp, Fresh Garden Salad and Fresh, Homemade Honey Wheat Bread


Apple & Strawberry Crisp

Apple & Strawberry Crisp

Sweet 'n' Sour Green Bean Salad

Sweet ‘n’ Sour Green Bean Salad

Have a safe and wonderful holiday!