The Food For Thought participants went on the first field trip of the summer with team leaders Julia and McKenzie. First, they went to Kimberton Whole Foods and took a tour. Everyone met the founder of the store, tried local artisan goods like goat cheese, chocolate milk, and bread. They also had a lot of fun with a scavenger hunt that had everyone practice their label-reading skills. Finding a cereal without sugar on the ingredients list is harder than you think!
After Kimberton Whole Foods, the group loaded up and went over to Wegmen’s in the afternoon. They did the same scavenger hunt, except this store chain was much bigger with less local and less organic foods, The kids noticed a big difference, but had fun scavenging through the stores. They learned the Wegmen’s is set up like a village and there are store managers for each village. Kimberton Whole Foods is smaller and everyone in the store knows where to find everything, while Wegman’s is much larger.
Here are some pictures from the day:

After a week of hard work, the entire staff got together to unwind and discuss the progress of the program. In the words of the Director of Youth Programs, Mark Birdsall, “The staff that plays together, stays together!”