Food For Thought has been very busy during the last couple of weeks. With orientation and some icebreakers out of the way, the program is getting into the swing of things. There has been a lot of learning going on as well as fun. Here is a re-cap of some of the activities so far!
In business class with Mr. Scott, the kids learned about budgeting and understanding how to be financially responsible.

 Our farm educator, Mr. Sebastian, took the kids for a ride on a tractor and showed them how to drive it!

 Farm education is crucial to the Food For Thought program, and learning about farm equipment is part of this unique experience.

After a hard day’s work, everyone got to take a break and enjoy a delicious lunch cooked by Chef Lauren. This day’s lunch featured a hummus and zucchini sandwich, a cauliflower and broccoli salad, homemade fries with ketchup, a green salad, and for dessert a berry cake. All of this was accompanied by Chef Lauren’s famous homemade bread. 
She’s proving that healthy and delicious go hand-in-hand!