June 14th, 2016

Coined at the 1996 World Food Summit by La Via Campesina (The International Peasant’s Movement) ‘Food Sovereignty’ has begun to make it’s way into the vernacular of policy makers and social justice advocates. Based on theories of self sufficiency and a fundamental right to food, the movement aims to give the power of food production and distribution back to the people.

    As the migration to cities continues to rise, Urban areas are quickly becoming some of the biggest food deserts in the country. The urban gardening movement is an increasingly common response to this problem. Often constructed in poor areas (which are most at risk for food insecurity) urban gardens put the power of food production into the hands of the community. Converting empty lots not only improves community appearance, but the growing of fruits and vegetables provides healthy and nutritious food at a reasonable price. These gardens nurture a sense of community, pride, and self sufficiency.


Annamarie Hufford-Bucklin

Triskeles Intern