A Gardening Educators Forum held at the beautiful Longwood Gardens on January 25th (Robert Burns birthday, for you Scots) turned into a great opportunity to share the interesting Food for Thought happenings with a group of 120 regional educators.

After a keynote address by educational strategist Caroline Lewis, who did a great job of highlighting key elements of program design, the crowd broke into smaller groups to discuss particular areas of interest: Youth and School, Community Education, and Adult Ed.

In the smaller groups all shared their work; eventually one group from each interest area was ‘elected’ to share with the whole crowd in the plenum session. The variety of interesting activities Food for Thought presents was the choice of the Youth and School group, and Mark found himself on stage for the final panel discussion and able to share the Triskeles work with all present.

Thanks to the very organized and efficient staff of the Longwood Continuing Education department for a wonderful event, and to Ms. Lewis for great insights.

To see pictures, click here:

Longwood Event