Triskeles’ Director of Youth Programs, Mark Birdsall, joined North Coventry Elementary School staff, parents, and students on Monday, April 11 to highlight the way in which Triskeles and the school have leveraged funding from the Pottstown Area Health and Wellness Foundation  and other funders to create a successful, vibrant wellness program. A large group of visitors from around the country, participants in the Council on Foundations conference in Philadelphia, made the journey out to Pottstown, courtesy of the local Health Foundation, to see the program in action.

Triskeles has played a central role in the garden’s evolution, as the connecting link between local resources, Master Gardeners, suppliers of seeds and materials, and the ‘youth power’ necessary to get things going. Now ‘parent power’ is taking over that role—freeing up our time and resources to go on and help others accomplish similar feats.

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NORCO Council of Foundations Visit