Strong collaborative efforts to make healthy food available to all in Chester County got attention at a national conference in Milwaukee on September 8th. Larry Welsch, Executive Director of the Chester County Food Bank and Mark Birdsall, Director of Youth Programs for Triskeles gave a shared narration of nearly 100 slides showing the work that their organizations, local school districts, the Chester County Dept. of Community Development, farms, corporations and many other groups are doing.

Titled “Chester County: Community, Classroom and Cafeteria” the presentation focused on the collaborative nature of the local healthy food work, from the farms and faith communities supporting the Food Bank’s Gleaning Program to the organic farming, cooking and nutrition which the diverse youth of Triskeles’ Food for Thought program study during their five-week summer session; and showed organic gardens from Park Spring Apartments in Spring City and North Coventry Elementary School’s raised beds, to Vanguard Group’s garden which is now supplying food to local food pantries.

Comments from the enthusiastic participants generally ran along the lines of “Your area is doing SO MUCH!” — a testimony to the power of the cooperative work which has grown up here.

The links below are to an online album from the conference and the powerpoint slides we used: