Green Career Pathways (Philadelphia)

After School Trainings and Career Paths Development with Paid Summer Internships and Entrepreneurships for Youth (16 – 24)


Youth are introduced to the field of focus and explore key issues relevant in an urban environment. Programs end with a career day bringing professionals in the field together.

The Cooking and Nutrition Program integrates activities such as recipe reading; study of food groups and nutritional guidelines; and menu planning and budgeting. Participants learn to prepare healthy meals and gain a greater understanding of kitchen safety, food economics, food sources and an increased awareness of career opportunities in the farm to table business sector.

The Urban Sustainability Program provides youth a hands-on introduction to the key environmental issues facing urban communities, including: waste management, water use and conservation, energy issues and pollution, and pest control. Youth develop an increased understanding of the human impact on natural resources, and an increased awareness of and personal commitment to actions that remedy environmental problems, as well as an awareness of job and career paths in the field of sustainability.

The Urban Agriculture Program gives youth practical experiences in the basic concepts related to growing healthy organic food in urban settings, including: soil fertility and types, site considerations, care  of plants, harvesting and food handling. Youth gain an increased understanding of where food comes from, a deeper connection to the natural environment, and an awareness of jobs and career opportunities in the fields of urban agriculture, farm to table food sourcing, and community engagement.

Summer Internship and Entrepreneurship Programs

Green Career Pathways Internships are for youth who are ready, or nearly ready, to enter the workforce. GCPI is a seven week training and internships with stipends  in sustainable business serving the Philadelphia area. Pre-internship training and weekly seminars prepare youth for the workplace by teaching a variety of hard and soft skills, from resume preparation and interviewing to time management and work ethics. One-on-one mentor relationships with a working professional support youth during and after the internships.

Green Career Pathways Youth Entrepreneurship Council brings youth together to collaboratively create and execute a project that serves Philadelphia youth as they develop an understanding of issues and practices in the green economy, sustainability, and/or urban gardening. Youth leaders with an interest in entrepreneurship, and an interest in giving back to their communities are supported annually by a seven week intensive training in the summer, a year-long project that they complete together and present to  the community in a culminating event, work with a personal mentor to develop their own visions into concrete plans and actionable items.

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Green Career Pathways (Chester County)

 Workforce development program opens career paths for youth (16 – 24)


Green Career Pathways in Chester County offers youth an introduction to and preparation for the job market through pre-internship training and paid internships placements. Currently the program offers internships in “Farm to Table” Culinary Arts and Nutrition arenas. An extensive pre-internship training is followed by a paid internship at food and hospitality facilities with an emphasis on sustainable and locally sourced food.

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