On Friday, March 4th our Green Intern group gathered at the Park Spring Apartments  Community Room to meet and cook with Dr. Ana Negron. As always, it was a hands-on experience, and as we discussed the different kinds of foods, their sources, benefits, etc; we kept our hands busy preparing two really tasty recipes.

Oats and quinoa were mixed, a bit of organic sugar added, and into the pot they went to cook for about 20 minutes. Blueberries were added right before serving. This disappeared quickly—none left for stragglers!

The second recipe was poached apples with cloves and cinnamon. Apples were quickly cored, several cloves stuck in them, and a piece of cinnamon stick went into the hole where the core had been. All this went into a pan with a lied to be poached in a bit of water. Smelled great as it cooked; tasted even better.

As we all pitched in to clean up and ship all wastes out to the compost pile, it was clear that young people will eat all kinds of healthy foods, given the chance. Teaching them what they are and how to cook them empowers them to make good food choices for themselves every day.

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