Day 1:
Today, I learned how to clean out the forge and get the fire going. Then I learned how to make drive hooks so I made 4 of them. Then, John taught me how his business worked.Screenshot_2015-04-11-21-28-00Screenshot_2015-04-11-21-27-42
Day 2:
Today, I made 2 hooks and then I learned how to make nails. I made 25 nails and most of them looked like golf club heads.
Day 3:
Today, I made 10 nails for practice and then I made 2 candle holders that get driven into the wall.
Day 4:
Today, I made a hook and nails and then I took a old file and made it into a wood carving scribe.
Day 5:
Today was my last day and I made a nut and bolt but I had to make 2 because the first one broke. It was a great pleasure working with John Heinz, he taught me a great deal of blacksmithing and I greatly enjoyed it