Day 1:JO day 1
I began my first day at Vixen Hill Cedar Products by sweeping up the shop before the shutter workers arrived. When they arrived, I helped them by detail sanding shutters and by cleaning some more sawdust. I really enjoyed my first day here because it was my first time actually working in the shutter department.


Day 2:
My second day started rather quickly. As soon as I arrived, I was immediately taken into the shutter department to help sanding newly made shutters. After lunch I did more detail sanding and swept up the shop. My second day was easier for me because I felt as if I knew what I was doing.

JO day 3Day 3:

On my third day, I worked in the shipping department packaging copper capping and copper nails so they could be shipped or delivered to customers. I also did some more detail sanding, swept up the shop and went to the porch system department to help build a porch panel. I enjoyed my third day because I got to work in a different part of the company.


Day 4:
JO Day 4On the fourth day I began in the porch system department by masking glass, sweeping and collecting pallets to be recycled. It was a very special day because the company bought all of the employees pizza with the money they received by selling scrap wood. After a great lunch, I packaged more capping, organized and packed hardware and finished the day by assembling a few shutters. This was probably my favorite day because it was the day with the most variety of tasks.


Day 5:
During my last day at Vixen Hill, I sanded porch panels that were ready to be assembled, sanded shutters and packaged hardware. After lunch, Chris and I talked about my week–everything I had learned and done–and then I ended the day by assembling and sanding shutters.

I enjoyed my time at Vixen Hill, learning about the assembly of wood products and actually getting involved making them. Cedar smells wonderful, and its scent is everywhere at Vixen Hill! Of course, I had a lot of fun there, but I also got to see what it is like to work a full day, a full week, alongside adult employees who do these things all day, every weekday. Learning by observing and doing is invaluable, and I am so grateful I had this opportunity.