Today was my first day working at Sweet Water Bakery. The first thing I did when I got there was, I put on my hat and apron and washed my hands. We started out with 500 pounds of cookie dough and for the next four hours we made cookies. I scooped countless cookies on to tray after tray. After they baked them, we had to put them in labeled bags. At Sweet Water they make four types of cookies–chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, peanut butter and ginger cookies. To end the day, I washed dishes.
My second day, I packaged bread. I bagged and labeled bread for over five hours. After lunch, I finished the bread and started to get orders ready so people could come and pick them up. To end the day, I crushed dried almonds so they can store them and use them in the granola.
On Wednesday when I got there, I started to scoop cookies. After about an hour, we went outside and collected wood for the brick oven. I learned how the brick oven worked and how the wood was brought inside.
In the morning I made cookies AGAIN. After lunch I did a few different things like, packing granola in 1 pound and 2 pound bags, sweeping the whole bakery and crushing almonds. I also learned how to use the bread slicer which slices the bread into even pieces
Today was my last day. I spent most of my day bagging and labeling bread.Once we were done, we had to deliver bread and cookies to Kimberton whole foods. I learned how to stack the bread and to put them on the shelves. I spent the last few hours organizing and stacking bread baskets.