Day 1-SundayShaan 1

I did my Artisan practicum at a yarn shop named Purls of Wisdom in Kimberton. I was asked to help out with a Shawl workshop hosted by Purls of Wisdom at the Kimberton Inn. We spent most of the morning loading cars full of yarn and than bringing over to the inn to be unloaded and set up on a long line of trestle tables. The workshop was about 5 hours long and started with the display of several shawls and the description of the different knitting patterns on the aforementioned shawls. Then, the 40 women( yes, there were only women) who were attending split into 4 different classes which rotated roughly every hour and fifteen minutes. During this time, I attended to the snack buffet. At around 5,  people started shopping and then went home. We cleaned up the tables and organized the yarn, putting them back into their proper bins and than loading them up into the cars.My first day was long, yet enjoyable. If only I knew what was in store for me on the next day 🙂

Day 2-Monday

I came in early and had a meal at the Whole Foods store before work. When I walked into the store, I was a bit taken aback. The floor was almost entirely covered by baskets, bins and boxes of yarn. Beth (who, for the record, is awesome ) and I spent roughly two hours putting all the yarn back on their shelves and in their cubby-holes. I felt an amazing sense of accomplishment upon completion…you would be surprised how often yarn will perform a perfect land (or yarn) slide. the rest of the day was relaxing and filled with conversation.

Day 3-Tuesday

On Tuesday I was rather sick with a nasty cold…which clung onto me like a tiny parasite throughout the rest of the practicum. This, however, did not stop me from thoroughly enjoying myself.

Day 4-Wednesday

On Wednesday, I wound a lot of yarn and reorganized the yarn on the shelves to Jennifer’s( the owner ) specifications. Often there were lulls in the shop yet people would come in for lessons and to browse. I also started working on a sample hat for the shop using Malabrigo wool.

Day 5-Thursday

On Thursday I don’t remember anything extraordinary happening, just that I had a nice lunch with the ladies and I got my first rows of cabling finished on the sample hat…Cabling is so very satisfying…I often wonder what the ladies that came into the shop thought when they saw me…All in black with funny hair and and a leather motorcycle jacket , sitting in a circle with a couple older people, knitting to my hearts content.

Day 6-Friday

On Friday, I worked with Iris, my old handwork teacher. This was a wonderful experience. I spent lots of time working on my hat and caught up with Iris talking about lots of interesting things.


I thoroughly enjoyed my Artisan practicum at the yarn shop I met many great people and learned all sorts of things about yarn. I also learned how to knit cables which is something I had wanted to do for a long time. I would like to thank the people who work at Purls of Wisdom for the wonderful and educational experience.