Tuesday, March 24. Day 1: On the first day at Soltane Breads and Spreads, I got there and put on an apron. I then took frozen croissants and scones out of the fridge to cut them into good size pieces and glaze them with egg wash. The croissants, scones and bread are mixed in a large mixing bowl before being cut, glazed and baked. After that process, I put them in the oven for about 15 to 20 minutes. When they were finished, Mark and I put them out on the rack to sell. We then made 4 loafs of bread that day, each loaf was two pounds. After this, I took a 10 to 15 minute break to get something to eat and drink. The bread was then baked and put on the rack to sell. At the end of the day I washed dishes.

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Wednesday, March 25. Day 2: The second day was very similar to the first day, Mark and I did the same process. I took out the croissants and scones, cut, glazed and put them in them in the oven. We made chocolate, ham and cheese and spinach and feta croissants. We also made ginger, chocolate, coconut and plain scones. Then, I washed dishes.

Thursday, March 26. Day 3: That morning I got there and started to make chocolate chip cookies. We made 81 small cookies from a big batch, we then stuck them in the oven for about the same time for the croissants. We also baked macaroons, shortbreads and oatmeal raisins cookies. We made more croissants and scones too.

Friday, March 27. Day 4: Today, we finished making the cookies and made another batch of croissants and scones. We also made many loafs of bread. I glazed the bins and tops of them with oil so the bread wouldn’t stick.

Saturday, March 28. Day 5: On the last day of my internship, we made bagels. This was very cool because we shaped them then put them in a liquid with warm water and molasses in a bowl. After this Mark and I let them rest and then we put sesame seeds on the bagels. We made plain ones, then stuck them in the oven to bake. When they were finished we put them out on the rack to sell. Mark taught me a great deal about baking, and all the hard work it takes to make the breads and pastries. This was a great experience and I really enjoyed it.