Give a brief overview of where you completed your Artisan Internship, who your mentor was and what you worked on throughout the week.

I completed my practicum at Bridge Street Chocolates and my mentor was Gail Warner. I mostly worked with the chocolate, either dipping things or making shapes using molds. I also learned how it tempers and the steps to successfully temper chocolate. Of course, I learned about the health regulations cleaning and washing dishes and the process that was required in order to meet these regulations.

Describe what you felt was the most interesting or valuable experience/aspect of the Artisan Internship.

Tempering chocolate. It required just the right temperatures and movement in order to get the shine and the crunch we all expect in good chocolate.

Describe what situations or aspects of the internship posed a learning opportunity or really challenged you.

Tempering chocolate was challenging, it had to melted by a certain temperature and then brought back down to a certain temperature. That’s the very brief version of it, its complicated.

What did you learn from your mentor about running a small enterprise?

It was challenging to start and took a while. Also, managing everything mostly by the business owners self requires a lot of time.

Based on your experience, what would you like to have learned more about?

Nothing, I got a full experience.

Describe ways in which the business/initiative you were placed in could grow or improve? Why? How?

Depends, of course buying bigger tempering machines would allow for faster production, also a larger space enabling more employees and space for larger machines. However I cannot answer this question because I do not know the business’s gross profit.

Could you see yourself running your own artistic or business initiative? Why? Why not?

Not artistic. Also, I could but not on such a small scale.