DAY 1: Kendall and I took a trip to get salad containers in bulk. We then came back and I made 12 salads that we were going to sell yesterday. I put dipping sauce in the little containers, learned how to use the POS system(register) and how to answer phone calls. Kendall also talked to me a lot about the business, the sales, how she checks her data on food costs and how much she sells during the week. I learned how to edit the daily menu of empanadas and greeted the customers as they arrived and rang them up with whatever they wished. am really enjoying working at Empanada Mama and am getting useful skills out of it. Can’t wait for another day!

DAY 2: Today I helped open the store, completing the morning routine; updating the menu, restocking sauces…Kendall also taught me how to make a horseradish dipping sauce for the empanadas and how make a salsa. I also continued to help ring up customers and greet them at the door with other girls who work there.

DAY 3: Today was a great day, I’m learning more and more each day and am getting to know everyone that works at Empanada Mama. Today, I made a pesto chicken filling as well as a buffalo chicken filling for the empanadas and helped up front. I also stuffed empanadas and folded them and baked them! Kendall and the girls there are awesome to work with there so nice! I also closed up the store this evening with Kendall and I counted up how much money we made today and typed it into the spreadsheet, and just overall cleaned the restaurant.

Emily1 Emily2

DAY 4: Today was a pretty quiet day do to the rain. However, I continued to work the front and help package the empanadas in the back. I also made some salads to get ready for the busy Friday’s, as well as prepared an email for tomorrow to send out of the of the new filling we will have tomorrow that are not often on the menu to get some more business.

DAY 5: Today was quite a busy day and was my last day. I worked in the front and the back and helped where was needed and put dip in containers. I had a good time this week and learned a TON. I am really glad I could do my internship at Empanada Mama, they’re all so nice there and welcoming–good week!