Give a brief overview of where you completed your Artisan Internship, who your mentor was and what you worked on throughout the week.

I worked at Joe McCann’s woodwork studio with Joe McCann. We worked on wood carving, wood burning, and wood turning.

Describe what you felt was the most interesting or valuable experience/aspect of the Artisan Internship.

The most interesting experience was working on a lathe for my first time.

Describe what situations or aspects of the internship posed a learning opportunity or really challenged you.

What really challenged me was the fork I tried to hand carve. It required more patience then I had, and required more skill to make it look the way I wanted it to.

What did you learn from your mentor about running a small enterprise?

I learned that it can get busy and hard, but if it’s something that you love to do, then it’s worth it.

Based on your experience, what would you like to have learned more about?

I would’ve liked to make another pen, but didn’t quite have the time to.

Describe ways in which the business/initiative you were placed in could grow or improve? Why? How?

It could probably grow if there were more people there working with Joe for more of the time.

Could you see yourself running your own artistic or business initiative? Why? Why not?

No, I could not. I feel like I would be to in organized to be able to keep a business going.


Daily APatrick 1bccount of Artisan Internship:
DAY 1: Today, I started out by playing around on some scrap wood with wood burning. After burning a few images into the wood, I decided to burn a leaf into a piece of wood. We then made that into a wall hanger. Afterwards, I started carving out a fork.

Patrick 1
DAY 2: Today there were people in the wood shop, so I used the Lathe. I was shown how to make a top. Then someone came in who was very good at making tops and helped me make a much nicer one. Then before I went home, I made a bowl out of wood that was going to be thrown away. It ended up being good and we decided to put finish on it and keep it.

DAY Patrick Day33: I worked more on the lathe today, but this time used a different kind. I carved out a vase from a log. The shape took about three hours, but I cannot finish it until July since the wood is wet and we put something on it that will make it dry more slowly to prevent cracks. We need to wait 3-4 months for the wood to dry out.

DAY 4: Today I worked on a bowl, as well as two parts of wood for a pen. I didn’t finish either completely, though they are mostly ready. I also saw a small bowl that I made yesterday with finish on it.

Patrick Day4     Patrick Day 4

DAY 5: Today, I finished the bowl and pens, as well as quickly made a pair of earrings. We got pizza to celebrate the end of the practicum.

Patrick Day 5a    Patrick Day 5b