Included are links to Organizations, Articles and Webinars of interest. These pertain to topics such as green jobs readiness, youth leadership, healthy eating and nutrition, organic gardening, leadership, community service, sustainable living and eco-literacy.   We welcome input for any additions. Thanks.

Gardening Resources: 

Many of the things we accomplish are done in partnership with individuals and organizations who share our interests and passion. And there are other groups doing equally great things around the area and the world. You can find some of them below.

Companion Planting-Basic Concepts and Resources

Companion Planting-Plants That Are Happy Together

Companion Planting Basics

Seeds of Change-Buy Seeds and Find Useful Information

National Gardening Association Resources

When To Plant Vegetables in Chester County, PA

You Bet Your Garden-Resources for Gardeners

Gardening for Kids

Tim’s Square Foot Gardening

How To Make a Raised Bed Garden

Cornell University Growing Guide

Maddie’s Farming and Food Resources for Young People