Speakers at our last Tempus conference proved that business isn’t just math and analysis, it can be artistry as well. These speakers used their artistic talent and appreciation to create and engage with one of a kind start ups.
Noah Gansallo is a senior at German Town Friends School, and has been selling art since he was eleven years old. His father, who lives overseas, imported art from Nigeria which Gansallo then sold locally. An alumni of our Youth and Money Camp, Gansallo learned the benefits of having a business plan, and other sustainable business techniques. Gansallo has moved onto his true passion of web design and coding, and is creating a curriculum which he hopes will be used at this years Youth and Money Camp.
Graduating from the Philadelphia Public School System and Temple’s Fox School of Business, Timothy Nesmith has built a booming screen printing business. Started by his father in 1985, Phillyscreen had only $20 in the bank when Nesmith took over. Thanks to Nesmith’s hard work and dedication, Phillyscreen now has over $100,00 in annual sales, and notable repeat customers such as Temple University and Marathon Grill.
These inspiring entrepreneurs have shown that pairing love for art with smart business skills can have amazing results. We can’t wait to what the speakers at November’s conference will have to offer budding entrepreneurs!