While hearing from like minded young professionals can be very useful, there is no doubt an equal need to hear from those with years of experience. Many of our speakers at Tempus are leaders in their field and are excited to share their business wisdom with new entrepreneurs.     With over twenty five years of experience assessing the economic feasibility of startups, Bill Dorsey is now an instructor and consultant for the Business Center for Entrepreneurship and Social Enterprise. Dorsey graduated from Columbia with a B.A. in Economics and a M.A. in Regional and Urban Planning from Pratt Institute. By conducting market analysis and and developing capitalization plans Dorsey helped lead the Opportunity Finance Network in developing community development finance institutions in Native American communities across America. Dorsey’s experience in a diverse set of marketing and investment jobs has given him a deep understanding in the field.     Sylvia Watts McKinney has spent her career in both the private and the public sector using adaptive management strategies to ensure success. As Executive Director of the museum of Afro-American History Watts McKinney worked with many media outlets and platforms to expand the museum’s donor base. While Project Manager and then Vice President at a real estate company Watts McKinney ensured the completion of construction and worked with government agencies and private banks to ensure fee simple and affordable housing to low income families. Watts McKinney is now the director of the Philadelphia Programs Office of the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship where her years of hands on experience helps her ensure the success of the next generation of entrepreneurs.     Improving our very own Philadelphia through entrepreneurship, Jamie Gauthier is the Executive Director of the Sustainable Business Network, a 400+ member business organization working to foster a vibrant, as well as economically sound, entrepreneurial community. SBN supports local businesses in advancing their communities. Through this and other such positions Gauthier highlights the vital role small businesses play in the success of a community.     We are excited to add to this impressive list of business and entrepreneurship experts at our next conference in November!