The thought of starting a business while in high school can seem daunting. Dealing with investors, marketing, and product development all while balancing a full course load certainly isn’t easy, but the success of our previous speakers prove why it’s all worth the risk.
A rising star in the high school program Philly Startup Corps David Zamarin sold his first startup for $25,000 at just fifteen years old, and is currently developing his second. During his freshman year of high school Zamarin started “Lick Your Sole,” a shoe detailing service designed to keep shoes looking fresh and new. The success of “Lick Your Sole” grew rapidly, partnering with Philadelphia college sports teams like Temple, Penn, and Drexel. While working on “Lick Your Sole,” Zamarin researched and created his own stain repellent. He sold his original venture to an employee and began devoting his time to a second startup, “Detrapel.” Detrapel is an entirely eco friendly and non toxic stain repellent which can be used on any solid fabric. Zamarin’s product is now sold in multiple locations in the city as well as online.
Hallel Raphael is now majoring in culinary arts at Walnut Hill College while developing her second business venture, but has long been an advocate for youth entrepreneurship. While in high school she participated in the business program Schoolyard Ventures, which helped her to create her first startup, “Gone Apparel.” For over two years “Gone Apparel” provided entirely American made insect repellant clothing. Raphael is currently CEO for her online vintage clothing company “Thriftees Apparel.”
Fueled by her love for nail polish and constant desire for new colors, Neha Raman created a custom line of cosmetics while in high school. As a high school senior Raman created and launched “Rungh,” a custom nail polish company. By using color capsules and a specially engineered mixer, the “Rungh” system allows for customers to create their own distinct nail polish colors in under sixty seconds. Raman is now studying International Business at Temple University, and is one of five Fox School of Business Student Alumni Ambassadors.
We are excited to share more such tips and success stories for budding entrepreneurs at our Tempus Conference in November!