Triskeles offers summer and year-round programs for students in kindergarten through high school.

Youth Leadership and Development Programs

We prepare diverse groups of youth for success by teaching them healthy living skills, the value of work, leadership, team work , sustainable agriculture, youth philanthropy, social entrepreneurship, social justice, green business practices, community and civic engagement.

Food for Thought & Green Internship Programs

Focus is on youth in Chester County, PA. Topics include wellness and nutrition, sustainable farming, entrepreneurship and youth philanthropy, all as part of a green summer jobs program for teens age 13-19.

Sustainable Directions Internship Program

Aimed at youth in New York City. Youth internships include internships, green summer jobs in sustainable businesses and social action/social justice non-profits, as well as youth entrepreneurship seminars and triple-bottom-line business activities.

Career, Service and Artisan Internships

These internships give high school students a chance to experience how the world of business works, from the artisan workplace to the corporate center, and to experience the satisfaction of community service.

Inspiring mentors, valuable connections and social and emotional growth are hallmarks of our programs. Youth return year after year because they discover meaningful and healthy pathways to adulthood.