Triskeles offers summer and year-round programs for students in kindergarten through high school.

Career, Service and Artisan Internships

Real-world experiences for teens

Triskeles works with schools to provide Artisan Internships for tenth graders, Service Internshipsfor eleventh grades and Career Elective Internships for twelfth graders.

Internships last for a week or more and provide experiences  in which young adults gain practical experience to help them shape their life choices regarding possible careers, education and hobbies. This is a fee-based program.

Career Electives

Twelfth graders can choose any kind of workplace that interests them as a possible career direction.  For Example, in 2011, we placed three seniors who wanted to explore green, sustainable businesses or non-profit options in Career Elective Internships: The Chester County Food Bank, Social Impact Studios, and the Chester County Economic Development Council.

Service Internships

Eleventh graders look to the world to discover their own capacity to serve and contribute.  Often their experience working at service organizations such as the Overbrook School for the Blind or non-profits such as Mom’s Place, is life changing and inspiring.  We help students find service opportunities which match their interests and talents well.

Artisan Internships

In the tenth grade, all students do Artisan Internships, where tangible products are made primarily by hand. From Indian Warli paintings to working with clothing designers or soap making, the possibilities are endless. We help students get a firsthand look at how things are made. Take a look at last year’s interns on our internship blog.

 If you are interested in these internships, please contact us.